Secrets of Power Marketing. Promote Brand You. The national bestseller. The first guide to personal marketing for the non-marketer. Marketing is about sending messages, creating perceptions and helping you sell more. Secrets of Power Marketing is the first guide to personal markeitng for the non-marketer. Discover the secrets. Read on.
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Secrets of Power Marketing
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Secrets of Power Marketing
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This book is for you - if you want to get more. Maybe you want more sales, more money, more clients, more members, more credibility, more recognition... You just want more - and maybe even more than your fair share. Why should you be satisfied with your fair share? Life isn't fair. It is okay to want more.

This book will show you how to get more than your fair share- without stealing.

The secret of getting more is for you to take control of your marketing. It is easier than you might realize.

Secrets of Power Marketing will help you dispel the dangerous marketing myths. If you are blindly following these myths - you could be wasting tons of money, resources and precious time.

You will discover the key truths and principles on which to base your systems. And you will find the power of marketing systems. Good systems are based on true principles. Learn those truths so you can test your marketing - and correct it.

You will find the power of a simple marketing system. You will learn five powerful marketing strategies. And you will enjoy anecdotes, techniques and lessons that you can use immediately.

Secrets of Power Marketing will reveal to you the falsehoods of many myths. Here is the first myth to dispel:

Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door.

If you still believe that ancient advice from Ralph Waldo Emerson - this book is not for you. If you have already learned the truth - that it is not enough to be the smartest, best qualified for the job or have the best product. The market must know of you and perceive you to be the best choice - then this book is for you. It will show you how to market yourself. You already know why.

So who are you and how might this book best help you?

The entrepreneur in a small business who sells a service to business will get the most from Secrets of Power Marketing, because you have the least resources to call upon and the most to gain. You don't have loads of money so you cannot buy expensive advertising. You may not be well known so you have to take a unique position in the marketplace. You have not enough time and not enough staff, (maybe none), so you must maximize the impact of your marketing messages.

"Warm greetings from South Africa. Just a short note to thank you for your amazing book. It has changed my life and my image about who I am and what I can achieve.. Thanks to you I have started my own company."

Tania Gous
Lets Talk
South Africa

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The professional service provider working to differentiate yourself and your firm in the marketplace. You are a licensed or certified professional selling apparently the same thing as your competition. How do you stand out? How can you demonstrate the extra value you deliver? How can you charge and get more than your competition?

"I have to let you know that I purchased your book, Secrets of Power Marketing, and enjoyed it so much that I also purchased it for a friend of mine.

The hints and info in your book have helped me in the past and I'm sure will help me in the future.
I have re-read the book twice now and always find something new.

My friend (Shirley Bailey - Quick-type) tells me she uses your book all the time and has found that it helped her with her marketing.

Shirley Kossowski
Certified Hypnotherapist
Hypnosis Works
Burlington, ON

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The intrapreneur working for a large organization who wants to take charge of your career. The company will not look after you. To grow in responsibility, and compensation you must do good work and you must develop your profile - both inside and outside the company. You cannot hire someone to promote you - you must build your networks, credibility and options. How do you build your career?

"My advice to the rising executive or budding entreprenuer is to look good, feel good and follow the Secrets of Power Marketing to market you in today's competitive marketplace."

Harry Rosen
Executive Chairman
Harry Rosen Inc.

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The association that needs to constantly market itself to its members to retain them; to prospective members to recruit them; and to the industry decision makers who might look to you for expertise and training. Your greatest asset is your membership. You can learn how to harness your members to maximize your marketing impact.

"It is an outstanding publication. I hope all your endeavors are as successful as your book will be."

Terry McCann
Executive Director
Toastmasters International

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Retail business selling to the general public. Your advertising budget goes only so far. You will uncover ideas you can use to o-ordinate your advertising campaigns with your other marketing activities. How can you get more first timers in your store? And how can you get your customers to return more often?

"To all entrepreneurs I urge you to follow your dreams, challenge convention and keep a copy of Secrets of Power Marketing in easy reach."

Christine Magee
Sleep Country Canada (Canada's largest mattress retailer)

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Big business. Yes, we know the smart ones will read this book, too. You may have the large budgets and public profile but lack the flexibility. You may be hampered by committees and policy. You will also learn ideas to use to get more from your marketing.

"Next to a lifetime of experience this is one of the most practical marketing books I have seen. I know you wrote this book for small business - but big business could learn a lot from it too."

George Cohon
Senior Chairman
McDonalds Canada and McDonalds Russia

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Then read what others from around the world said about Secrets of Power Marketing and how it helped them.

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And feel free to read an excerpt from the book by clicking below. Then when you are ready to move forward order the book.

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If you want to get more than your fair share - without stealing, this book is for you.

If you are happy with where you are and what you are getting - then don't order this book.

Secrets of Power Marketing is only for those who want more.

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