Marketing Training. What do participants in the marketing training programs say they will do differently after the marketing training program? Secrets of Power Marketing. Promote Brand You. The national bestseller. Marketing training for sales and marketing professionals. Marketing is about sending messages, creating perceptions and helping you sell more. How can you become a more powerful marketer? Read on.
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Maybe you are wondering what will be the change in your people after this Power Marketing training? How will this marketing training help your business? What would be the difference after George Torok works with your people?

If you have not yet worked with George Torok then it might help you to hear from the participants in his programs. Imagine if you could stand outside the door as participants are leaving the room. Imagine if you could ask each participant these two questions:
  1. What will you now do differently in your marketing?
  2. How do you feel about this program and presenter?
We did that for you. We asked participants of his programs those two questions. Here are their answers from a few recent training programs. You'll notice they felt so strong that most allowed us to use their names.

You might also notice that George Torok works with diverse groups of business owners, sales professionals, service providers, specialists, product distributors, franchise owners, retailers and wholesalers.

Just imagine the results if your people were declaring commitments and comments like these.

Ontario Monument Builders Association

Thank you. I've enjoyed your seminar immensely. You have been successful in making my head spin with big ideas.
Blythe Halsey

This has been the most productive seminar our association has ever held. Totally captivating from start to finish.
Doug King

Thank you for encouraging the unique!
Deborah Dalton

Excellent system.
Shane Selin

Very informative, interesting, realized my mistakes.
Husein Somjz

What I've learned is that you need a system to succeed and your presentation has inspired me to follow through with my ideas.
Marc Lachance

Simply good concrete ideas (Easy to implement).
Doug Wilson

Everything said makes great sense that we can apply. No sleeping in this seminar!
Julian Huby

Interesting and thought-provoking - just what I needed.
Kevin Costello

Association of Independent Consultants

Be more consistent and make an effort to be creative and unique.

I've heard George Torok speak at other events but each time I hear him I learn something new. I always come away charged and ready to take action.
Francesca Frate

Create a niche; develop a system.
George's workshop is both educational and inspiring.
Duke Duyck

Keep "unequal value" in mind.
Use invoice idea - "Fee waived"
Use database regularly
Olga Gil

Create a system
Develop a database

I have attended many marketing seminars, George, and you've done a marvelous job of explaining the essence of marketing in a simple and comprehensible fashion. It's about people and a system. It's about a sustainable systematic process.
Olia Stachnyk

Recruiting my suppliers - send congratulations to CEO's.

George did an excellent job sharing very simple ways of marketing yourself and your company.
Claudette Powell

Implement the habit (concistently) of thank-you and congratulations notes.
Work on my value statement.

Excellent program. I can put the strategies and techniques into practice immediately.
Susie Groombridge

Sense of Hope and to develop value to my customers.

Within the allowed short time I spent with you, I went away with more practical tips and ideas that I can use effectively.
Martin Bowen

Send invoices for all the pro bono work I do.

Excellent presentation.
Barbara Marshall

Independent Computer Consultants Association

Better use of database, relationship building, testimonials, regular contact with prospects and past clients. Thank-you and congratulations too.
George painted a very clear picture of a successful marketing system. It has made us very uncomfortable about our existing marketing practices….and that's Great!
Christian Gruber

Establish better marketing systems.
More information than could be packed into an hour and a half!
John Erthal

"Start" marketing. Get some media exposure.
Powerful marketing techniques were imparted in an excellent, humorous manner.
Rangarajan Suresh

Build confidence by anticipating client issues and how I can respond.
Your presentation was both engaging and informative. I came away with many good ideas to help my marketing and business.
Gil Estes

Thank you cards.
Simple, easy to implement marketing ideas.
Bert Morano

Revamp website, write more articles, give more presentations.
Thanks for reinforcing all the good stuff my parents taught me!
Mark Short

Send thank-you's and congratulations.
Excellent information for moving my business forward.
Nancy Ridenhour

More thank-you's, focus on referrals, more marketing focus.
Jim Connell

The way I manage perceived value.
This was a practical and lively presentation full of thought-provoking ideas.
Gloria Metrick

Change my attitude about myself and try to expand on the resources of my clients.
Lynette Rudzki

Create a system; add extra value for clients.
Frank Kelly

Revise upcoming send-out to clients. (At last) push some magazine articles.
Bonnie Huval

More 'aggressive' and active.
John Genzano

Send out thank you's, pick one perception and focus on it, think about this area more.
David Zimmer

Ask for more referrals
Will Rico

Get systematic in my approach; send thank-you's; write press releases; send invoices for free work showing waived amount.
Diane Herrera

More use of media; use a system; send only one 'perception' message.
Robert Paden

I haven't done any 'marketing' to date. I am going to develop a marketing plan and design a system to measure its success.
Patrick Conner

REMAX Realty

Send hand-written thank-you notes and congratulations. Implement a system, make a deposit in people's minds, send post cards, do something a little bit different. Write letters to the editors at newspapers, write articles.

Exceptional information and great tips to implement in my everyday business system. Thank you so much for your assistance and marketing ideas.
Michael Van Roon

Change/reinforce perception, Schedule activities.
Brian Meyer

Hand written thank you; develop 'system'; be held accountable.
Neil McCutcheon

Send more consistently thank-you's and congratulations. Send personal postcards-I also travel a lot.

The lecture was enlightening, to make a difference in myself even though I have been over 32 years in business. There is always room to learn and implement the systems.
Carmen Muscat

Develop a more efficient system. Present a more positive image.

George presented real down-to-earth sales and marketing advice. He used real life examples. A real insight to the psychology of selling.
Carla Indarjit

Create an award for prospects, putting a system in place i.e. thankyou cards.

Outstanding, exceptional, dynamic.
Paulette Lewis

More consistent, something different.

Humourous - solid ideas, good content, well organized, good speaker.
Louis Kovacs

More PR oriented. Concentrate more on follow-ups.

Although I have been educated in the past, you made me realize that I have been overlooking the basics of marketing. Thank you for awakening me.
Bill Cowling

Very inspiring program. As a new person entering the real estate industry I find this program a great way to start my career and to create good habits in business and life. Thank you for your advice.
Kerry Mantziounis

I am recruiting agents for Remax West. Many people have commented that I am professional and likeable. I need to add to that image and find ways to enhance it.

George, your message is very clear and simple. You are a pleasure to listen to and a very effective and refreshing speaker.
Christina Davie

Write hand-written notes for thank you's. Send postcards for the consistent effect of marketing. Prevent the out-of-sight out-of- mind scenario.
Khayaal Mohammed

Keep doing simple things over time. Write postcards, review my system.

Thank you for your valuable teachings this morning and specially thank you for your book.
Eveline Schweichler

This presentation was dynamic and extremely informative. George was phenomenal and very entertaining. George already has his own system and delivers both real and perceived value.
Kim Chung

Handwritten notes, postcards, write articles and letters to the editor.

I have heard them all, the (real estate) motivational speakers. George, however, brings a bright fresh and unique perspective that is not only fun and entertaining, but is also timely, current and totally appropriate for today's sophisticated market.
Heidi Schweichver

Excellent ideas and excellent presentation.
Jan Gizicki

Great presentation! George presents his marketing strategies in a very amusing manner which makes his presentation engrossing.
Eleni Thalassinos

George's idea of marketing is very simple - get the message out. He opens our mind to the many different methods and systematic approaches to personal brand awareness.
Lori Wald

I will commence my systematic action plan which I have been talking about and thinking about!

Your message is very relative to business and life. Do the right things consistently and succeed.
Emmanuel Goulart

Thank you, George for your excellent presentation.
Randy Yetman

Thank you for motivating me this morning! You were great! I am now committed to success.
Rubi Talavera

Hi George, You certainly gave 'great value'. I learned a lot and will definitely use a number of your suggestions. I like the idea of the postcards.
Kathy Meredith

George, thank you for coming today. The seminar was very informative and helpful. I enjoyed it. Great ideas and tips.
Antonella Gennarino

I'll be more consistent doing what I'm already doing and more.

Great, dynamic presentation, very useful for my business.
Judith Albert

Personally deliver gifts to my clients. Call them once every 3 months. Email them every month.

I have been with Remax West since 1997 and I have been to and listened to many speakers and finally George Torok talks and discusses the importance of Marketing in Real Estate. Be persistent, be consistent, get your name in print, and more. Great presentation. Thank you, George.
Stephen 'Mel' Taweel

Thank you, George. You are an amazing motivator and speaker, and a great guy. I learned a lot about perception - thanks to you.
Bo Raba

George Torok will always be my favorite ground hog.
Pat Fera

Communicate directly and consistently with people on my database.
Roland Gatti

Becoming more positive when dealing with people using fewer negative words. Appreciate my value.
Lon Glassbourg

Conference for retailers of Vineco Products

Better attention to being systematic.
Thanks for the book! (last year) The four hours with you today WILL change the path my business follows….to a path that I create. Thanks.
Murray Miller

I will implement a mail system.
Get out of the loop and into creativity. George kicks your brain into activity.
Jack Weeks

Keep in touch during extended absences. Contact print media.
Thanks for reminding me to mail out personal "keeping in touch's". I really enjoyed your presentation.
Bonnie Mitchell

Excellent program.
Bob Baril

Media article. More thank-you ideas. Postcards.
Norm Fraser

Ask customers what they'd like to know before talking too long. Wire into the media on a different level.
Gail van Ryswyk

More personal contact - thank you's.
Iris Stewart

Ask clients what they want from me.
Johan Lotz

Postcards, Media
Lucie & Jim Zettel

Further consistency, recruiting others to do my marketing, real estate, etc.
Trevor Grubb

Send out thank-you notes - especially for referrals.
Dave Taylor

Wine-Not Franchise owners

More press releases, letters to the editor. Write articles, more use of testimonials, Postcards/thank you's to clients.

Fabulous Stuff!! If every business would use just 5 of your many ideas, their business would grow an additional 10% (at least!)
Ken Lineberger

Contacting more media. Making people feel more welcome and comfortable. Send out postcards to customers.

George Torok's presentation was exhilarating and inspiring and made me realize how important it is to create your own niche in the business.
Joyce Shoff

Focus more on referrals. Reward customers. Be known as the 'expert'.

Excellent! George really simplifies marketing "yourself and your business".
Craig Cats

Pick one day a year to own. Send out postcards. Recognizable image for our store/brand.
Karen Oldham

Start Thanks-you notes and postcards. Send media comments to other media. Request referrals.

Excellent presentation. I have seen many market presentations but this is by far the best demonstration of techniques that work.
Rick Sala

Loved the use of the blue pages for taking notes - especially the reminders on the last page. It was a great tool for engaging the audience and for reviewing your message
Debra Sala

Always informative. Always learn one more tip. Gets me back to the book for a re-read.
Kerry Baskey

I loved your passion and down-to-earth usable message. I can now see how to start a marketing strategy.
Sue Rasksen

This was great. If you don't know this already this time with George is a wonderful review.
Robert Bonga

Promotional Products Association of Canada

a) Ground Hog Day cards
b) Vacation postcards
c) Submit an article to Era Banner/Food & Home

Fantastic ideas that I will use!
Nikki Pett

The idea of creating awards is very good. I plan to start doing this.
This seminar will instill in you how you should be perceived. Market yourself; no-one else will.
Kelly Jenkins

Awards Program - writing articles - sponsoring events.
Adrian Agostan

Monthly Newsletter. Back to writing thank-you notes. (On a regular basis). Sponsor something.
Mary Wright

Personal contact and system.
Jean-marc Frank

Focus on adding perceived value and real value.
Betty Ho

Be more systematic about thank-you's and congratulations.
M. Merrifield

Write an article.
Michelle Murray


A plethora of great thought-provoking ideas for marketing system generation that are implementable. Thanks.
Michael Groves

Excellent informative presentation with a great sense of humour.
Rasina Barley

Practical advice presented in an entertaining way, with a good dose of humour.
Chris Rogiers

George's ebullience and subject matter were presented in easy to digest bites. I've seldom heard a presenter who could maintain my undivided attention for their entire presentation. Truly inspiring.
Deb Hattey

Excellent speech. You showed confidence without sounding intimidating. Marketing does not come easily to someone with a scientific or technical background. We are anxious to provide real value, but may overlook perceived value. You provided a lot of techniques for marketing.
Geoff Richards

The speech was very informative and delivered with clear concise professionalism. I learned more than I expected to.
Henry Abma

Provided great motivational tips in a very real and down to earth manner.
Diolinda Rodrigues

You speak with the conviction and heart that makes it clear you've come full circle to inspire others with your talent.
Flavian DeLima

George, Thank you for opening my eyes to marketing system basics. I learned how to tie things I know into a simple system I can follow each day.
Brian Clark

PS: If you like these kinds of results - you'll love him too.

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