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As the CEO you have the right to know if George Torok is right for you. If his ideas, insights and style will work for you. Is working with George Torok the best investment for you? See whom he has worked with and what they say. As soon as you are ready to move forward - call George Torok at 905-335-1997

George Torok has worked with hundreds of CEOs, presidents and executives. Below is a sampling of who they are and what they say about George Torok.

Chief Executive Interviews - George Torok has interviewed over 400 CEOs, presidents and business leaders. Have a look at the list.

Letters from Chief Executives - Some of the Chief Executives wrote glowing letters about their experience working with George Torok.

TEC - The Executive Committee - The Executive Committee is a special association of CEOs and presidents. George Torok is a regular expert-speaker for them. Read what they say.

A sampling of the CEOs and presidents that George Torok has interviewed for his radio show - Business in Motion.

Body Shop Canada       Margot Franssen       President & Partner
Canada Wide Magazine       Peter B. Legge       President & CEO
CORE Digital       Bob Munroe       President
Eagle's Flight       Phil Geldart       CEO & Founder
Edwards Realtors       Jamie Edwards       CEO & Broker
Fell-Fab Products       Don Fell       Chairman & CEO
Gemini Group       Audrey Wilson       CEO
Greenthumb Landscaping       Kathy Thomas       President
Hicks Furs & Leathers       Sherrie Hicks       President & Owner
Hockley Valley Resort       Nancy Adamo       President
I. Waxman & Sons       Chester H. Waxman       Chairman
INTRIA-HP       Dan Branda       President
John Deere Credit Inc.       Darla M. Youldon       Pres Cdn Operations
Junior Achievement Hamilton       Carol Montag       President & CEO
Light Computer Centre       Shawn Chamberlin       Owner
Links Information Mgmt       John David Hay       President
Major Leagues       George Kumagai       Owner
Malabar Super Spice       Doris Valade       President
Manor House Publishing       Michael B. Davie       Publisher
Manpower Services       Tammy Johns       VP Canadian Operations
McMaster University       Dr. Peter George       President & Vice-Chancellor
Memex Electronics       Tom Gaasenbeek       President
Ont Service Safety Alliance       Elizabeth Mills       GM & CEO
Profit Magazine       Rick Spence       Editor & Publisher
ROB Globe & Mail       Douglas Goold       Editor
Shad International       Jack Pal       President
Smith's Funeral Homes       Donald S. Smith       President
Sonic Unyon Records       Mark Milne       Partner
Stirling Print-All       Bob Stirling       President & Founder
Stoddart Publishing Corp.       Jack Stoddart       President
Thomson Gordon Group       Sandy Thomson       President
Tradeport       Tony Battaglia       President & CEO
United Technologies OTIS       Edward A. Minich       President & CEO
W.K. Buckley Ltd.       Frank Buckley       Chairman

The above list is just a small sample. George Torok has interviewed over 400 executives, entrepreneurs and business leaders on his weekly radio show Business in Motion. He understands the issues of business and the issues of the CEO.

Letters from CEOs and presidents to which George Torok delivered training programs. It is tough to get a CEO to write a letter. Here are a few who wrote.

Thanks for the presentation. It was the reinforcement I needed to implement some of the tools you suggested to create a better marketing plan.

Your presentation style was uplifting and lively, but still allowed for interesting interactivity, especially considering the audience.

Kevin Andrews
President and CEO
Corpfinance International Limited
Thank you for another great presentation. I've heard you speak many times and you just keep getting better.

My sales brokers were not only presented with excellent, useable material that they can apply in their daily work, but were also thoroughly entertained - what a rare combination.

I highly recommend your presentation to any organization looking for a dynamic speaker who can deliver a meaningful message with enthusiasm and humour. George, you never disappoint - thanks again!

Dan Lawrie
President & CEO
Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers
This is the second time I hired you to speak to our people. That speaks of my high confidence in you, your style and your message. That also speaks of my satisfaction. I would hire you again - because I know I can count on your results.

Because our business is built on relationships, I valued the emphasis you placed on relationship building. You explained why. You clarified principles. You showed them how. You challenged them to get involved.

Most importantly, you demonstrated that despite the chores, our business can be fun. You clearly have fun at what you do. That makes it so easy for your audience to enjoy your presentation and soak up your insights.

John Porter
Tradebank Inc
Read what the Tradebank franchise owners said

In the presentation that I attended, George provided me with many practical techniques and ideas designed to enhance ClaimSecure's marketing programs: to build our strategies and to ensure that we stand out from our competition.

I was so impressed by the effectiveness of George's presentation and the real value of his ideas and concepts that I hired him to host a full day training session in the areas of Power Marketing and Presentation skills for ClaimSecures's management, operations, sales and client service staff.

The feedback from our staff members who attended this training session was overwhelmingly positive. Many felt that George's marketing techniques would be invaluable to many of our clients in successfully enhancing their marketing and promotion programs for current and prospective clients.

I invite you to contact me directly if you would like additional information on Mr. Torok's presentation to our staff.

Peter Craig C.A.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
You presented marketing insights, principles and ideas to a group of CEO's from an organization that I belong to. I was so impressed by your presentation that I signed up to see you again and brought my entire sales and management team with me.

I have studied many books on personal and business development and I have listened to hundreds of speakers, consultants and experts. Here is why you stand out:

* Your direct and challenging manner talks to everyone in the audience - even at the risk of leaving some feeling slightly uncomfortable, this feeling of an urgent need to change can be that way.

* I enjoyed your personal anecdotes and your self-effacing humour but what stands out for me the most are two things:
  1. The thought that has gone into understanding and the simple way of convening why and how marketing can work the best for us. This helps us to understand it.

  2. Your passion: "it shows", "it catches", "it connects". This helps us to do it.
Businesses that want to be successful will be lucky to find you, smart to work with you and committed to put your ideas into practice.

William N. Hotrum
HMT Sales Tax Consultants Inc.
Re: ExecuForum - an interactive peer group of senior executives

Attendees unanimously found your session on Power Marketing, as the professional development portion of our program, to be stimulating and very useful in their management of individual business.

Your interactive, thought-provoking delivery hit just the right notes with the audience of small business owners-managers who, in wearing several responsibility hats can overlook essential requirements for systematic, pragmatic marketing. Your message was refreshing… an awakening call, which undoubtedly will resonate with them in their quest for continuing business success.

Paul F. DeCarlo
Pandeco Management Inc.

Read what the ExecuForum members said.
On behalf of our entire staff, I would like to thank you for your insightful and enthusiastic presentation.

Having spent a fun and interesting day with you our staff now understands the fundamental principles of working well with new and existing customers.

Joseph Critelli
Critelli's Fine Furniture
George Torok is both a wealth of marketing knowledge and powerful communicator. I have read his book and had the pleasure to hear him present many times. Every time I have interacted with George I leave feeling re-motivated and more determined to succeed in my own business.

Kelvin Galbraith
The Fitness Firm Inc.

TEC - The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is a first class organization that provides peer coaching for CEOS of mid size companies. The CEOs pay a healthy fee to be a member of TEC. And it is worth their money. TEC member companies grow on average 2.5 times faster than before they joined TEC and on average 5 times faster than similar non-TEC companies.

George Torok is a TEC Associate and a TEC resource speaker. Over the past several years he has spoken to more than 20 TEC groups across Canada. These small group settings tend to be intimate and intense. The audience is tough. They know their stuff and they don't waste their time. They demand much from their resource speakers.

When the Executive Committee wants a no-nonsense expert to offer practical insights on marketing they call George Torok. And George Torok delivers.

Read what the TEC member CEOs and presidents say.
Hi George,

I would like to thank you for an excellent presentation. Many of your ideas are very meaningful and truly insightful. What is of great interest is the implementation of these concepts and the depth that many of these concepts are ingrain in our company. This material is not only refreshing but is testimonial and reinforcing that we are on the right track. Kudos to a book well written, succinct and rich in context. It was truly enjoyable to read. There is a lot of knowledge condensed in these pages. There are many insights as well into areas in which our company could improve... this is exciting material! Keep up the excellent work!

Bruce Girard, CEO
Westbrook Technologies Inc.
Hi George,

Just a quick note to say that I really enjoyed your presentation at TEC 236 (Chair: Bill McCourt). I appreciate your best seller "Secrets of Power Marketing" that you gave me at the close of the meeting. I am in the final stages of acquiring a company that will double our corporate size and with all of the due diligence required, I have not had a chance to get into your book.

I know my assignment was to read the book, however, with all I have on my plate at present I am running behind - though I am still committed to reading it in the next little while.

Thanks again for the great presentation, and copy of your best seller. Look forward to meeting up with you again in the future.

Best regards,
Doug Blakeway
Strategic Technologies Inc
George entertains with more useful, behavioral insights and tips useable today than any other speaker I've heard through TEC and elsewhere.

Bob Michener
President & CEO
Campbell, Michener & Lee

When you want wake-em-up perspective, riveting insights and practical tips all delivered in an entertaining style - call George Torok 905-335-1997

If you still have any doubts - here is one more thing to consider.

The 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not 100% satisfied with the performance you receive from George Torok - your money will be 100% refunded.

How's that for a risk-free offer?*

*Please remember. George Torok can guarantee his performance. He cannot guarantee the performance of your people. I imagine that even you won’t do that.

Go ahead - call George Torok to arrange the program that is best for you.

The CEO only needs to be right most of the time. And if you are – you are as good as the best Las Vegas casinos.
George Torok