Secrets of Power Marketing. Promote Brand You. The national bestseller. The first guide to personal marketing for the non-marketer. Marketing is about sending messages, creating perceptions and helping you sell more. How can you become a more powerful marketer? Read on.
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What 27 media publications said in the first 6 months
about "Secrets of Power Marketing"

Globe and Mail
Managing Books
To survive in business you must be seen. You must be heard. People must talk about you. And they must know where to find you. Their book, aimed at entrepreneurs, is essentially a 245 page list of practical tips on how to accomplish that visibility and presence. Overall it’s hard not to pick up lots of useable advice from this book.

The Business Executive
Revealing the Secrets of Power Marketing
.. an entertaining, idea-packed inspirational guide that makes it easy to turn your current marketing efforts into personal power marketing strategies that are guaranteed to multiply your results

The Magazine for Canadian Entrepreneurs
Tip sheet

Marketing is part of everything you do - whether you like it or not. To make the most out of your opportunities, learn The Secrets of Power Marketing from the guys who wrote the book. Guide you through leveraging relationships, developing and image and getting the most out of media attention

Your Office
Blow your own horn loud enough to be heard
This is a very turn-of-the-century kind of book: tons of side bars, quotes and point form. It’s absolutely loaded with simple yet relevant information on how to advance your business. The writers are old pros whose success validates their advice.

Toronto Sun
Recommended Reading for Savvy Business types
The authors take the readers through the intricacies of writing news releases, setting up a Web site, networking, even writing a book to get your message across. They should know, it worked for these guys, and Secrets of Power Marketing does offer sound advice to the rest of us.

Financial Post
Small Business Advice does offer a concise and well-organized presentation of various types of marketing tactics that business people can use creatively to manage client relationships and raise their personal profiles in the marketplace. The ideas they offer are simple and practical tools that anyone who has to hustle can put to good use.

Marketing Magazine
The Tao of Marketing
The self help style book teaches company leaders how to succeed with simple steps such as forming relationships with influential people and finding ways to be known as an expert by the media. When it comes to marketing originality counts.

Canadian Federation of Independent Business
Secrets of Power Marketing
Shows you, the individual, how to put the personal in your personal marketing plan. To help you, the entrepreneur, compete with strength and confidence in the marketplace against bigger competition. To provide you with strategies, techniques, and tips to get more from your marketing than you ever though possible. Magazine
Secrets of Power Marketing
This book is easy to follow, contains many examples and quotes and offers excellent advice for entrepreneurs who want to develop sustainable relationships with their clients and learn how to market their businesses by better marketing themselves and their images.

The Toronto Star
Zig when everyone else zags
..Is aimed at the entrepreneur starting up their own business, or intrapreneur looking to effect change and move upward inside a larger corporation. ..Always deliver more than promised. … When leaving a voice message, slow down, give your name and number twice, at the beginning and end of the message.

Books for Business
Personal Marketing for non-marketing people
Learn how to take control of the perceptions people have of your and your company; form relationships with people of influence; find ways to be known as an expert

Bookshelf: Secrets of Power Marketing
Advice is clear, no-nonsense and effective. The boundless enthusiasm and obviously field-tested wisdom make A worth while investment for any organization.

Sales Promotion
For Canadian Sales & Marketing Executives
Power Secrets

Using tips, anecdotes, checklists and examples from their own experiences, the book aims to help individuals put personal in their personal marketing plans..

Progressive Purchasing
Secrets of Power Marketing
Full of practical tips and strategies - SPM shows you how to build relationships with key influencers, how to establish your credibility..

Review Magazine
You cannot - not market
Everything you do - or don’t do sends a message and marketing is about sending messages. You can market well or you can market poorly, but you cannot - not market!

Canadian Management Centre
Gain a Competitive Edge with Personal Marketing
Find out why there is no such thing as not- marketing! Acquire savvy tips and creative techniques - to realize your strategic objectives.

Peoples Choice Magazine
Did you market yourself today?
Marketing is about sending messages and everything you do - or don’t do sends a message.. a refreshing guide to personal marketing for individuals who want to succeed.

Small Business Canada Magazine
Keeping your Small Business Alive
The secret to keeping your business alive is growth. Make your marketing personal. Keep your business alive - invest in future growth through smart marketing.

Biz Magazine
Perception is Reality
Canadians have never been noted for their ability to market themselves, but that could soon change given the widespread embrace of Secrets of Power Marketing, ..

Business Sense
National Magazine for Business Students
Your Guide to Personal Marketing

..a refreshing guide for individuals who have already discovered the fallacy of the better mousetrap.

Stepping Ahead
Mentoring news & reviews for entrepreneurial women
Secrets of Power Marketing

Regardless of your service or product, you must market and have a system to ensure you’re persistent and consistent. More tips in Secrets of Power Marketing.

London Free Press
Business Reading my attention and as any good modern marketer knows the package is always as important, if not more important than what’s in it..useful information to boot

Orangeville Banner
Author talks at chamber dinner
Five strategies for powerful marketing .. Whatever you do well, you do well because you have a system. Everyone needs leverage in their business. Get other people to talk about you. Nothing happens on its own.

The Stoney Creek News
..five strategies, hundreds of practical tips and dozens of relevant examples. Lightly written and crammed with facts and figures will tell you what the average Canadian has in common with Vincent Van Gogh..

Burlington Post
Go to Market for more success
Building the proverbial ‘better mousetrap’ doesn’t guarantee customers will beat a path to your door anymore.. the book is geared towards helping individuals and small business.

Panorama:Hamilton Chamber of Commerce
Power Marketing
It outlines a system untalented marketers can easily learn and practise. Well worth a read

The Canadian Learning Journal
Did you market yourself today?
You can influence how others perceive you if you follow the Secrets of Power Marketing. You don’t need to hire an advertising agency to get your message out.

If you are from the media:
The co-authors have conducted hundreds of radio and TV interviews.
As a radio host, George Torok makes an entertaining and provocative guest for radio or TV.

Contact George Torok at 905-335-1997