Marketing myths you must avoid. Executive Briefing to challenge the CEO. Arrange a briefing for your executive and management team. Discover the marketing myths you might need to dispell. Put the principles and techniques of Power Marketing to work for you. Understand the damaging marketing myths. Don't be fooled by the marketing myths. Transform your marketing now.
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What marketing myths have you "learned" or are you being fed? Marketing has it's own dogma; outdated beliefs and mumble jumble all intended to protect self-declared marketing mandarins. Marketing should be helping you get your key messages out - so you can grow, sell more and win more of the time.

Beware of marketing myths that only seem to protect the marketing mystic without helping you grow your business.

Beware of the marketing bureaucrats who spout myths, who seem to be missing the point of marketing. Your marketing should not be following myths. It 
must help you sell - product, service, membership, investment, participation, and/or support.

You can get past the myths of marketing. You must get past the myths and dogma if you want to out-market your competition.

George Torok is a myth buster. He looks behind the splash and bluster to analyze why things work. He challenges the myths and points out the traps.

"You presented marketing insights, principles and ideas to a group of CEO's from an organization that I belong to. I was so impressed by your presentation that I signed up to see you again and brought my entire sales and management team with me.

Your direct and challenging manner talks to everyone in the audience - even at the risk of leaving some feeling slightly uncomfortable, this feeling of an urgent need to change can be that way.

Businesses that want to be successful will be lucky to find you, smart to work with you and committed to put your ideas into practice."

William N. Hotrum
HMT Sales Tax Consultants Inc.

Where do you start busting marketing myths? Here is a good place to start.

Dangerous marketing traps and myths you must avoid:

 The "talent" trap
The myth is that you should hire "talented" people.

The reality is that you should never rely on talent. It runs hot and cold. It subjects you to the whims of prima donnas. Instead - build on systems.

 The "build a better mousetrap" fallacy
The myth is that you should build a better mousetrap - then wait for the crowd to arrive.

This is an old myth. The reality is that you need to market. The difference between the financial failure of Van Gogh and the success of Picasso was marketing.

 The "find a need and fill it" myth
The myth is that you should find a "need" and fill it.

This myth is still taught by many business schools. The reality is that people don't buy what they need. They buy what they want. How can you make your customers want what you sell?

 Myths about the media
Too many business owners believe that the media hates business.

That is not true. The media is a business. The media will help you if you help them. What they need is information and stories. How can you best convey your stories to the media in a way that works for you?

 The myth about "how to be number one"
It is surprising that whenever I ask this question of business owners many answer, " Deliver the best product or service."

The reality - to become number one - create your niche. How can you find and declare a niche of your own?

 The fallacy about value
Value is not what your engineers create or accountants measure.

There are two elements to value - real value and perceived value. How can you maximize the value you deliver from both elements? And why could it be disastrous to ignore the importance of perceived value?

 The "lucky break" myth
Stop hoping for the lucky break.

Success is never about the lucky break. Torok learned this lesson well from the hundreds of entrepreneurs and CEOs that he interviewed over the past decade.

The reality is that success results from good systems that you follow. Even an imperfect system is better than none. Ask George Torok about the fundamentals of building effective systems.

The above are just a few of the dangerous marketing myths that you must be aware of - and prepared to avoid.

George Torok has a way of destroying myths and getting to the truth. Work with George Torok to recognize, avoid and master these myths.

The program that we arrange for you depends on how serious you are about your marketing and how big are the challenges you face.

You can arrange for a briefing with your executive team. You might arrange a workshop or inspiring talk with your sales and management team. Or we can develop and deliver a more comprehensive program

If you are ready - let's talk.

Call George Torok, the marketing myth buster at 905-335-1997

Read what they said after one executive briefing:

"Re: ExecuForum - an interactive peer group of senior executives

Your interactive, thought-provoking delivery hit just the right notes with the audience of small business owners-managers who, in wearing several responsibility hats can overlook essential requirements for systematic, pragmatic marketing.

Your message was refreshing… an awakening call, which undoubtedly will resonate with them in their quest for continuing business success."

Paul F. DeCarlo
Pandeco Management Inc.

And look what else those Presidents and CEOs said about their executive briefing with George Torok. They were asked, "What will you do differently in your marketing?"

After meeting with George Torok
the CEOs said they would change in these ways:

Talk to more media. I found the presentation a good touchstone to remind me to follow up with existing customers and also to increase the touching base with media and others closer to us - customers, suppliers and staff.
Keith Chen

Find our niche, develop one focused message, and find a good way to deliver it. A great re-awakening and very pragmatic!
Mike Brigham

Use Postcards to promote our new retail store and create an award for the best most unique installation of our columns or related products.
Richard Reynolds

Thank people more often and do it in writing. Change my method of sales to change perceptions in the eyes of customers. Perfect timing for me. I needed help to create change in my future approach to staff and customers.
Stan Engelberg

Personal notes, thank you's and congratulations, personal contact.
Practical and easy to understand and implement ideas on bringing business back to the human element.
Terry Sunderland

It is excellent. I learned more in a couple of hours what I did wrong in the past. I got a couple of very valuable points to improve my business.
Felix Gutnik

Work on getting people to talk about our company and our people, especially myself.
David P. Vella

Excellent practical pointers in marketing and relationship building.
Donald Taylor

More effective use of referrals. Informative, provocative and pragmatic. A very entertaining and useful session. Thank you on behalf of ExecForum.
Paul F. DeCarlo

Our image with more visibility using pro-active means. Simple and succinct…easy to pick 'nuggets' and implement.
Louis Zammit

As you can see - these CEOs and presidents reaped a fabulous return on investment from working with George Torok. If you are ready to reap similar results - call George Torok now.

If you want further proof - read on.

To focus more on a better system and investigate the possibility of 'creating my own niche'.
Dave Hunter

Focus more on sponsorships and associations. A treasure of great ideas to be acted upon was presented. Refreshing, motivational and entertaining.
Tom Penton

Common messages communicated.
Simon Claughton

Systemize a thank you program to all our customers, suppliers and personal.
Very practical solutions - easy to implement - a lot of common sense.
Doug Soules

Find a single consistent perception image I want to convey. Very provocative with a universal business appeal.
Perry Graham

Find single perceived value to focus on. Great information on marketing and promoting a small business.
John Conn

Tell our customers - thank you.
Ken Jorgensen

Add a more personal touch to relationship building. Begin using the media.
Extremely enlightening and will definitely use this system.
Robert Jacome

If you are the CEO you need to get past the myths.
Call George Torok to work with you directly. 905-335-1997

You can learn more about marketing myths and more importantly - how to avoid them.

The program that we arrange for you depends on how serious you are about your marketing and how big the challenges you face.

You can arrange for a briefing with your executive team. You might arrange a workshop or inspiring talk with your sales and management team. Or we can develop and deliver a comprehensive program. We can help you destroy limiting myths. And we can help you move your team forward.

If you are ready - let's talk.

Call George Torok at 905-335-1997

No more myths!

If you are still not sure about the value and results of working with George Torok - then read what other CEOs say.

Marketing myths can confuse you. Marketing myths might divert your efforts. Marketing myths might waste a ton of money. Recognize the myths, question the myths and discover the truths.

The Greek and Norse Myths make for wonderful fantasy. But if you base your marketing on myths - your success will only be a fantasy.
George Torok