Power Marketing System, Secrets of Power Marketing. Promote Brand You.  The marketing system that gives you an unfair advantage because you need a dependable system to beat your competition. Use the Power Marketing system to send powerful messages, create perceptions, enhance value and help you sell more. How can you become a more powerful marketer? Read on.
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Power Marketing System. Marketing skills training & inspiration for professional firms, service providers, retailers, franchise owners and business-to-business marketers. Gain the unfair marketing advantage with the Power Marketing system. 

Get more than your fair share - without stealing

 Are you missing out on sales and business opportunities?

 Are you frustrated with embarrassing marketing results?

 Is the competition grinding you down?

Are you an entrepreneur, business owner, executive, or manager that wants to improve your market position, sales results and profitability? Do you want a simple marketing system that works for you?

What if you are a franchisor?
You might be looking for ways to help your franchisees build
their business more successfully. Do you want them engaged
and inspired? Do you want them gladly accepting more
responsibility for their own marketing? Do you want to show
them simple, effective and inexpensive ideas to promote their
business? Do you want your franchises applauding your wisdom
for bringing them the Secrets of Power Marketing?

Read what franchisees said they would do after attending one
of our programs.

We can help you with the Power Marketing System.

Do you have a team of sales associates, managers, professionals or technical experts who are missing opportunities because they need to be more systematic in the way they present the value to your clients?

Would it help your sales & marketing team built more profitable relationships?

Would it help you if more of your people understood and took both a greater responsibility and active part in marketing your message and unique value?

Bottom line: Are you ready to get more than your fair share?

Imagine results like this!

"Secrets of Power Marketing helped us increase our business 3,000% - and that was from
just one client.

This client had been giving us about $10,000 annually, in business, for the past six years. We
were frustrated with this amount because we knew there was more business available.

After attending George Torok's program we applied a fresh and innovative approach with our
client. We immediately used his ideas to grab attention and boost credibility. We
continued to follow his marketing system to build relationships and offer more value.

Listen to the numbers. That client doubled the first year and has doubled every year for the
past five years.

"Secrets of Power Marketing" enabled us to better service our client and build a positive
working relationship

"Secrets of Power Marketing" was the magic key for us."

Richard Maude, President
Ad Plus Promotions Inc.

PS: Not everyone gets this kind of incredible results from the Power Marketing System. But just imagine the possibilities for you.

Most people are not natural born marketers. That is understandable. They can be taught simple yet powerful techniques to return incredible results. They can learn and follow a marketing system.

Yes, marketing skills can be learned. Not only can it be hugely profitable but marketing can also be fun, when you know how.

And yes, your people can be successfully encouraged to follow these techniques. Especially when they see and hear how simple they are and how effective they can be.

There is no question - many things in life and business are tougher today. Why?

Because of:

 More demands on our time

 Shorter attention span

 The thousands of marketing messages bombarding us each and every day

 The gigantic costs of the traditional forms of marketing

 The growing cynicism among many

 Expectations for a magic pill for everything - including success

Well, you probably know one thing for sure. There is no magic pill. Not when it comes to business and certainly not when it comes to marketing.

We are not offering you a magic pill. We offer you the Power Marketing System. It is a system for personal marketing.

It does require a small investment of time, effort and money. Not a lot and likely nowhere near what you might be wasting now on your marketing efforts. You can get a fabulous return on your Power Marketing investment.

The Power Marketing System can;

 Cut through the other marketing noise - especially your competition.

 Build real lasting trust with your clients and prospects

 Use your time more effectively

 Maximize your limited resources through the power of leverage

 Reinforce your unique value - be noticed, valued and remembered

and much more…

This is the second time I hired you to speak to our people. That speaks of my high
confidence in you, your style and your message. That also speaks of my satisfaction. I
would hire you again - because I know I can count on your results.

Because our business is built on relationships, I valued the emphasis you placed on
relationship building. You explained why. You clarified principles. You showed
them how. You challenged them to get involved

Most importantly, you demonstrated that despite the chores, our business can be fun.
You clearly have fun at what you do. That makes it so easy for your audience to enjoy
your presentation and soak up your insights.

John Porter, President
Tradebank Inc.

How do we do it?

We have studied hundreds of books, techniques and ideas to distil the fundamentals. We have found that the fundamentals are still true. That is why they are called fundamentals. Methods have changed, conditions have changed but the fundamentals are still true. Then we researched and experimented with simple techniques that follow the fundamentals.

They had to be simple because that is easier to us to follow. They had to be effective in the best use of time and money. And some of these ideas are even fun.

Watch how you feel when you are doing things that not only build your success but make you feel good as well. We put all this into a simple marketing system that you can follow easily.

What experience do you want?

Our programs and materials have been tested by:

Readers of the book Secrets of Power Marketing, published in seven countries

Participants in our marketing skills training programs who learned the techniques and applied the Power Marketing System 

Attendees at my keynote speeches who hear the inspirational stories and express their commitment and enthusiasm to make it work for them

If you want 3,000% growth - I can't guarantee that. Yes at least one of my clients achieved that. And he would be the first to admit that he is not a genius. He is a simple easygoing guy who works reasonably steady. I've never seen him sweat. But he is steady and he follows the simple Power Marketing system.

So if he can do 3,000% growth with this system just imagine the results you might obtain.

Bottom line: You can get more than your fair share.

But don't take our word for it.

Read what CEOs say about how we helped them - click here

Read what participants say about our programs - click here

Read what readers say about the book - click here

Next Step for you

Start customizing your program. Complete the Marketing Audit - click here

Book George Torok - click here

Order the book - click here

Bottom line: Get more than your fair share,
without stealing.

And of course it is the bottom line that counts.

George Torok

The Power Marketing System. Marketing skills training & inspiration for professional firms, service providers, retailers, franchise owners and business-to-business marketers. The Power Marketing System is easy to implement, returns fast results and continues to pay you back. It is a marketing system that you can adapt to your needs and it is easy to follow.