Secrets of Power Marketing. Promote Brand You. The national bestseller. The first guide to personal marketing for the non-marketer. Marketing is about sending messages, creating perceptions and helping you sell more. How can you become a more powerful marketer? Read on.
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Private Coaching for Professionals, Entrepreneurs and Executives

Why might you consider personal coaching?

If you are a golfer - because you can't see your own swing.

If you are not a golfer - because you will only get constructive perspective from one who can offer you constructive perspective.

One-on-one personal coaching can help you leapfrog years ahead. Personal coaching could be the secret weapon you need to overcome obstacles and advance to the next level in your business growth.

What is the role of a personal coach?
To help you identify and focus on what you need to do.

Why George Torok?
Because he has both the experience and perspective of working with hundreds of executives, experts and entrepreneurs.

How would George Torok coach you?
Listening and asking critical questions.
Offering advice on alternatives.
Offering lessons from others' experiences.

Do you have choices?
Yes. There are three coaching programs. You choose the option that gives you the best value.

Choose from any one of these three coaching options to start advancing your business now.

Bronze Program
Best for one facing a short-term crisis/opportunity or direction setting.

You can contact your coach up to a maximum of three phone calls per month, and three emails per week. Your calls will be returned within five business hours and emails returned by the next day. You get unlimited fax and conventional mail review and response.

Fee for Option A is $350 for a 30-day period.
If you book multiple periods you receive a 5% discount for two periods and 10% discount for three or more periods.

Silver Program
Sales professionals looking to leap ahead in income or entrepreneurs dramatically growing their business.

You get unlimited number of phone calls, emails, fax and snail mail contact. We can meet in person if it is convenient for both of us. Your calls returned within five hours including non-business hours and weekends.

Fee for Option B is $1,500 for a six-month period.

Gold Program
Best for executives or business owners going through an intense period of change, challenge or opportunity.

You get unlimited access for phone, email, fax and snail mail. We can schedule calls. We can meet once a month.

This program is most intense and broad in scope of business and personal growth. After initially agreeing on your goals and milestones George will follow-up with you to coach, push and challenge you.

Fee for Option C is $3,000 for a 90-day period.

Enrollment in these coaching programs is limited.

Before George Torok works with you he will review the following information provided by you: where you are, where you want to be, the challenges, and how you think he can best help you.

After agreeing to accept your application George will contact you directly to begin the program or notify you of the next available opening.

Once we agree to move ahead and there is availability in the program full payment is due in advance.

For option B and C you may call or email as often as you want. It's your choice. For both option B and C you may stop the clock at any time and restart later at your discretion.

It is results we are after. You may feel uncomfortable at times. But George will help you move forward. For that reason coaching fees are payable in advance and non-refundable.

Some things for you to think about before you call.
What are your objectives?
What are the challenges?
What are your concerns?
How will you measure success?
What is working for you?
What else have you tried?
Why is this the right time for you?
To arrange your personal coaching program now
call 905-335-1997 or email George Torok at

Any provisos?
Yes. These are coaching programs - not consulting. If it looks like what you really need is consulting then we can discuss a consulting arrangement.

Bottom line?
Coaching only works when we trust and respect each other. No lies, insults or sarcasm. Just direct, honest and open discussion.

Are you game?

George Torok
Personal Coach