Association professional speaker. Motivational Keynote speech Training workshop. Pre-conference seminar. George Torok can speak for your association conference, convention or special event. Opening & closing keynote. Executive briefing, MC your conference gala, coach your leadership on presentation skills. Your professional association speaker is ready to help your association. 
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Is George Torok the right speaker for your professional association?

You decide. Review the list of associations and comments below. When you are ready contact him directly to discuss your specific speaker needs. 905-335-1997

Does George Torok understand association needs?

Yes. He has been an active member of many associations. He has served several on committees, project teams and on the association board. He has served on both local and national association boards. George has arranged special events for his association and he has selected, hired and managed speakers.

He often is a guest speaker for association meetings, conferences, workshops and national conventions. Many associations bring him back for another conference, seminar or special event. George Torok is the association professional speaker. For associations, George Torok is the combination of Mr Inside and Mr Outside. That means he brings both humble insight and brash perspective to your members.

What associations has George Torok helped as a professional speaker, seminar leader or consultant?

Here is a sample listing of associations.
AICPA - American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
AIC - The Association of Independent Consultants
APICS - The Association for Operations Management
Association of Canadian Clubs
Canadian Booksellers Association
CHMSE - Canadian Hotel Marketing & Sales Executives
Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
Canadian Institute of Management
Canadian Sanitation Supply Association
CAPS - Canadian Association of Professional Speakers
Certified General Accountants Ontario
CMCS - Canadian Manufacturers of Chemical Specialties
CPSA - Canadian Professional Sales Association
EARN - Executive Advancement Resource Network
GWIN - Guelph Women in Networking
HAPPEN - Halton & Peel Professional Executive Network
HRPAO - Human Resource Professional Association of Ontario
IAAP - International Association of Administrative Professionals
IABO - Insurance Brokers Association of Durham Region
ICCA - Independent Computer Consultants Association
ICSC Canadian Law Conference
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario
International Council of Shopping Centres
KW Sales & Ad Club
North Carolina Association of CPA
NSA - National Speakers Association
Ontario Hospital Association
Ontario Monument Builders Association
Ontario Public Buyers Association
OSTD - Ontario Society for Training & Development
PMAC - Purchasing Management Association of Canada
PPAC - Promotional Products Association Canada
Professional Organizers of Canada
Society of Management Accountants Yukon
Step Ahead Mentoring Group
TLOMA - Toronto Law Office Managers Association
Toastmasters International
Toronto Talks
YEA - Young Entrepreneurs Association

Many associations bring George Torok back again and again.

In addition he has published articles in many association publications.

When you need just the right professional speaker call
George Torok. He is the speaker that can inform, educate,
entertain, inspire and move to action. He will help make
your event special. More importantly he can build on your
event to make the lesson stick. Contact George Torok

What do they say about George Torok's presentation?

Here is a sampling of feedback from association clients.

CPSA presents over 150 events across the county in a year and you are the most professional speaker I've ever had the pleasure of working with.
Anne Babej
Director, Professional Development
CPSA Sales Institute

The presentation you made was superb. Your enthusiasm was infectious, your suggestions invaluable and your anecdotes and humour delightful.
Mark Berkowitz
Exec-U-Net Canada

His enthusiastic and entertaining style was contagious and in very short order we responded eagerly to his invitations and participated in the puzzles and riddles he offered. We learned to ask, "what if?" and explore our crazy ideas. I walked away from that evening feeling rejuvenated and determined to use my imagination more fully.
Leah A. Jones
VP Education and Membership

Thank you for helping to make CGA Ontario's annual conference the success it was. Thank you for readily accommodating the ever-growing number for your session.

In fact, your median rating for the session on creative problem solving was 10/10. One can't do any better than that. Thank you for your enthusiastic and creating training.
Delmarie Scherloski, Director
CGA Ontario

Congratulations on the powerful closing keynote speech you delivered at our annual conference last summer. Attendees are still talking about it. I saw our members engaged, attentive and taking notes. You made them laugh, think and kept them riveted to the end. Then they were eager to leave and apply the marketing principles and techniques you clearly outlined for them. Not only did you entertain them - you inspired them to action.
Sid Kenmir
Executive Director

Most of our members are not in sales related professions. Your pleasant style and ease with the audience endeared you to the group and made everything you presented interesting and enjoyable.
Colleen Clarke
Executive director

For some of us, selling anything is a daunting prospect and selling ourselves is downright terrifying. Your lively and interactive presentation style diminished some of that fear. Much as we may balk at the thought, it is obvious that today's job market requires us to learn the most effective way to sell ourselves to any prospective employer. No one at my table was yawning or getting coffee!!
Sue Ferguson

The seminar was very informative and all the feedback I have received has been positive. Your complete understanding of the topic complemented your excellent and thoughtful presentation.
Jim Goudreau
1st Vice President

Your presence enhanced our program and was of real assistance in our attempt to provide our membership with the best opportunity for professional growth.
George Wilson
Executive Director

I was looking for an informative presentation - one which would be of personal benefit to our members, yet one which, given the time of year, would be light and entertaining. Your session was both interesting and enjoyable and I received positive feedback from many of our members after the meeting.
Bob Primeau C.H.R.P.
HRPAO Hamilton

It was certainly very informative and helped us sit back, evaluate and take a long look at what we are doing, where we are going and how we intend to get there.
J. Hans Vander Stoep, Executive Director

I was impressed by the organization of your material. Active involvement is an essential element in the learning process. You certainly had involvement both individually and as a group. The use of a variety of strategies for communication also enhanced the impact of your presentation.
Bill Kirkwood, Director, Education Services

I would like to recommend Mr. George Torok to you. George did a superb job. His evaluations were outstanding, over the 90th percentile in all instructional rating areas.
Barbara Ann Maestro, Education Manager

When you need just the right professional speaker call
George Torok. He is the speaker that can inform, educate,
entertain, inspire and move to action. He will help make
your event special. More importantly he can build on your
event to make the lesson stick. Contact George Torok

I can appreciate the difficulty in finding great speakers who are innovative, dynamic and leading edge. I thought I would let you know about a speaker we recently had address our association who fit that criteria. For our November meeting we wanted to end the year with a bang and we certainly succeeded. George Torok. We found the session to be enjoyable and informative.
Krstyna McLennan, President
OSTD South Central Chapter

If you are in need of a top-notch presenter, may I recommend George Torok. George has done a superb job at both our 1996 and 1997 Forum. His presentations were outstanding, over the 90th percentile in all instructional rating areas.
Barbara Ann Maestro, M., Ed.
Education Manager

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with our members with your dynamic presentation about the Creative Thinking Process. It certainly had everyone thinking about that little … aha!
Brian Ardron
2nd Vice President
Toronto Club of Printing House Craftsmen, Inc.

You were extremely professional, even with a small audience. Not many speakers give their best with such a small audience and I recognize your superior skills to give 100% of yourself with whatever audience. Your ability to hold the audience captive with your wit and humour was truly appreciated.
Angie J. Anderson
YEA President Mississauga Chapter 96-97
YEA Canada Board Member 97-98

I would like to thank you for your informative and thought-provoking presentation on "Finding and Implementing Innovative Solutions" at our annual Conference at the Queen's Landing Inn. The "take-away" signs were a big hit with our audience. Since then we see them posted in various locations within our companies.
Lorna Squires
Director of Communication

To be able to attain such great insight into the skill of marketing and to have developed a skill to effectively communicate your message. You are a living example of how talent and a system combined can create success.
Tierney Culmer
Education Director
PPAC Ontario

Your presentation was both entertaining and motivational.
Brenda Mathies
Program Director

Your performance was fantastic and you were well received by everyone in attendance.
Sheryl M. McKean
Executive Director

The overall convention evaluations were all glowing and members left Toronto on an emotional and educational high! The final registration was 1952 attendees! Based on a 10 point scale with 10 being the highest score the overall rating for all sessions was 8.44. The score for your session was 9.35.

Selected comments from attendees at "Promote Brand You. Positioning Yourself as a Professional":

"Gave us several points to work with, especially how to get publicity for the association & myself! Great speaker - motivated me."


"This is the very best seminar I have ever attended on marketing."

"I've just started my own business and this information is invaluable. I needed direction in marketing and this filled the square. Thank you!"

"Learned many ways to promote and market myself. - how to become a leader and/or to earn recognition from others. Learned helpful ways to believe in myself."

"Interesting speaker - he took time to learn about our association and to relate it to the topic."

"Excellent information! I have taken several marketing courses and have gained more useful information from this seminar than from the college course. Great job!"

"Excellent. Lots of tips"

"Many helpful hints."

"Most useful? All of it - good handouts - speaker was great - not arrogant like most. One of the most beneficial seminars I attended."

"Excellent speaker… great delivery. Invaluable information and resource."

"He gave us all hope and inspiration!"

We appreciate all the time and energy put in your presentation. Thank you!
Susan Fenner PhD
Manager of Education & Professional Development

When you need just the right professional speaker call
George Torok. He is the speaker that can inform, educate,
entertain, inspire and move to action. He will help make
your event special. More importantly he can build on your
event to make the lesson stick. Contact George Torok

Your presentation made me feel refreshed and invigorated to continue with the ongoing struggle to be recognized and perceived as a good, fair and valuable individual. The effectiveness of your message was perfect. Your presentation technique, use of props and simple 'how-to' tips hit home. I gained much new perspective about perception and what direction to be in to keep up my best image. Thanks again for an outstanding presentation.
Dorina Vendramin. C.P.P.
PMAC Toronto District

Your comments were right on the mark! It is the little things that make the difference. You have just "raised the bar" in the marketing of insurance in Durham Region.
Keith Miller
Past President
IBAO Durham Region

On the overall evaluation, attendees gave you an excellent review. A few of the attendees made specific comments that we would like to share with you, comments like great animation, good information, great presentation style, very motivational and excellent information, and liked the best media exposure ideas and motivation to carry them out. It sounds like you definitely gave each attendee something of value to use in their business.
Joyce Burkard
Executive Director

Your workshop was excellent and we received overwhelming comments to this effect. You truly delivered on what you promised. It was delightful to be at this session.
Susie T. Groombridge
Vice President, Professional Development

Your presentation on "Present with Power - how to get your message across with impact" was a genuine eye opening for many of us. Your knowledge and expertise was reflected in the way you conducted the presentation and the audiences' enthusiastic reaction. In addition to your good advice, we particularly enjoyed your sense of humour.
Monika Nowak and Sacha Olenroot
Co-directors of Programs

When you need just the right professional speaker call
George Torok. He is the speaker that can inform, educate,
entertain, inspire and move to action. He will help make
your event special. More importantly he can build on your
event to make the lesson stick. Contact George Torok

What do these professional associations know? That when you want a professional speaker to delight your members, call George Torok.

How can George Torok help your professional association?

A speech to inspire your members?
A workshop to help them grow their career or business?
A program to earn non-dues revenue for your association?
Articles to beef up your publications?

Contact George Torok at 905-335-1997 or

George Torok
Association member
Association professional speaker
Association publication writer

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PS: Feel free to contact any of these associations directly regarding their satisfaction with George Torok, his writing and his speaking programs.