Tradebank Franchise Owners. How can franchise owners market their franchise? Secrets of Power Marketing. Promote Brand You. The national bestseller. The first guide to personal marketing for the non-marketer. How can you be a better franchise marketer? Read on.
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After the 2005 annual kick-off meeting in Niagara Falls the Tradebank franchise owners reported the best ideas that they got from the seminar with George Torok. These ideas were the ones that would best help them build their business and franchise.

Read what the Tradebank franchise owners said about the value of the seminar with George Torok and what they would do differently in their marketing.

As you read their comments - imagine how this program might help your franchise owners, brokers or sales reps.

Plan for advertising; create a more effective game plan. Great, honest information that will allow you to take your fears and confront them with a game plan that will tighten your ship and grow your business. In a nutshell - common sense that hits home.
Leo Rubini

System, write a letter to local publication, little things. No matter how successful a person is, they must continue doing the little things right.
Albert Aragona

We will actually begin a marketing program. My company is nine months old. George Torok's ideas have given us an early advantage. Tradebank Toronto has gone from a baby to a teenager in a day from just a few new ideas.
Chris Walasek

More personal contacts, less email. More warm calls and less cold calls. This program is a must for business owners who want to thrive not merely survive.
Shelley & David Mickalkow

Stroking my clients and making them feel important and needed. Thank you, George. There is always a desire to learn. I will now take action on what you have shared.
Gord Slater

Lots of information that if I only use a small portion of, I will be sure to improve the bottom line.
Steve Haynes

Great presentation, not a boring moment! Tons of useful insights that I'll implement over the next few months.
Roger Thenhaus

George reinforces what we all know to be true, presenting all marketing tips in an upbeat and often humorous manner. It was definitely well worth the drive to Niagara Falls.
Tom Porter

Call George Torok now at 905-335-1997

Every franchise owner must wake up! You must market your business! If you expect "corporate office" to do your marketing - you are lost.
George Torok