April 1999

 Peter Urs Bender & George Torok
 Secrets of Power Marketing
 c/o Stoddart Publishing Corp.  34 Lesmill Road
 Don Mills, Ontario  M3B 2T6

 Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald's used to say, "Don't worry about
 making money. Love what you're doing and always put the customer first."
 That simple philosophy works. It helped build McDonald's into the largest
 restaurant chain in the world. I love what I do. That energized me to open
 the first McDonald's restaurant in Moscow in January 1990. It only took 14
 years of persistence, imagination and cajoling to get there.

 Any successful entrepreneur demonstrates these qualities. But that is not
 enough. "Secrets of Power Marketing" is a guide book for small business to
 follow Ray Kroc's maxim, "When you're green, you're growing and when
 you're ripe, you start to rot". As long as you believe there are challenges
 ahead, there will always be an opportunity to grow, both personally and

 Next to a life time of experience, this is one of the most practical marketing
 books I have seen. Peter and George, I know you wrote this book for small
 business - but big business could learn a lot from it too.

 Congratulations on a book that can help many succeed.


 George A. Cohon
 Senior Chairman of McDonald's Canada and McDonald's Russia
 Author of "To Russia With Fries"