April 20, 1999

 Peter Urs Bender & George Torok
 Authors of Secrets of Power Marketing
 c/o Stoddart Publishing Corp.  34 Lesmill Road
 Don Mills, Ontario
 M3B 2T6

 "It tastes awful and it works" is the slogan for Buckley's Mixture. The taste was an
 obstacle -- but if we changed the tatse that would change the formula and the
 effectiveness of the cough mixture. We did just what you suggest in chapter 4 of your
 book, turn an obstacle into a strength.

 The technique was risky but gained us national recognition in a market overwhelmed by
 multi-national corporations. We are a small company with less than 50 employees. To
 compete and survive we had to take a unique position in the market place. We could not
 afford TV at the start, so we advertised on radio and appeared on radio talk shows. When
 we subsequently added TV we used the same approach and the same well-known tag line.

 As you point out in yoru book, we realized the value of media exposure, and we have
 used that process in our move into the U.S. market. However, we must disagree with your
 recommendation to avoid paid advertising, because Buckley's Mixture is a consumer
 driven product that depends on advertising for trial and acceptance.

 I am so pleased to see that you have captured so much practical advice in Secrets of
 Power Marketing
. You understand and illustrate the importance of being focused, of
 feeling proud of your product, and connecting with people. It does not take expensive
 advertising campaigns. It is more important to be unique, be real and be human.

 Good luck to you both in spreading the Secrets of Power Marketing to eager
 entrepreneurs. This book will be the best medicine for their success.

 Frank C. Buckley
 W.K. Buckley Limited