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Secrets of Power Marketing
 When I told friends that I would leave my corporate banking career to open a chain of 
 mattress stores they thought I was crazy. I understand their perception...what did I know 
 about the mattress industry. For consumers going to shop for a mattress was just not that 
 interesting or enjoyable. 

 Today we have stores in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario and have developed what 
 is quickly becoming a national brand name recognition. We did it applying the same 
 principles and many techniques as described in Secrets of Power Marketing. We had to 
 establish credibility and build relationships with customers, suppliers and the community. 
 We zigged when our competition zagged...and that can be unnerving, not knowing if 
 your way will work. It may not always work but adapting, changing and improving does! 

 We did not invent mattresses but we may have changed how they are sold. As a guide 
 book Secrets of Power Marketing is a great tool. 

 To all entrepreneurs I urge you to follow your dreams, challenge convention and keep a 
 copy of the Secrets of Power Marketing in easy reach. 

 Christine Magee
 Sleep Country Canada